16 October, 2011


Here is an update of my last shot.

From next week on we are going a step further and begin working on a multi-character dialogue.  My first time working with two characters in one scene. I think this will be very challenging and exciting. But first we have to search for a dialogue that will fit the requirements.

30 August, 2011


Last week I moved out of the blocking phase and began to refine the animation (blocking plus). Now, I'm waiting for the e-critique by my mentor this week.

Time flies!. Unbelievable that class 4 will be finished in 3 weeks.

22 August, 2011


My colleagues and I went to the zoo some weeks ago. I really enjoy to sketch animals at the zoo. It is fun and relaxing apart from that they cannot hold still :) Here are some results.

Lemurs are cute and very tame until they sit on your sketchbook and begin to draw interest and doing one's business ... :D

blocking monologue

Animated monologue. Still blocked. It's always exciting to see how it looks like if you breathe life into a character and give it a voice.